Welcome to the website of AllesindeWind, Early Learning Advisers. You can call on us for organization and vision development, quality improvement, training and coaching of teachers and teams in the fields of childcare and education. Themes include play, goal-oriented early learning, self-regulation and executive functions, multilingualism, inclusion and diversity.

Every child sails its own course to adulthood. AllesindeWind has refreshing ideas and solutions for professionals who guide children on this journey.

Lilian van der Bolt

“As an expert in behaviour and pedagogy, I feel like a fish in the water in the world of the young child. I convert the latest scientific insights into practical methodologies and advice. I am a passionate trainer, speaker and advisor and have supported managers and teams on a large number of themes, in childcare and school. ”

Please mail me: info@lilianvanderbolt.nl
Or give me a call: +31 (6) 22 58 40 46

Jeroen Aarssen

“I am an expert on multilingualism and an internationally oriented education consultant. I am good at bringing people together from different backgrounds, but with the same goal in mind. I like to view the world through an international lense.”

Please mail me: info@jeroenaarssen.nl
Or give me a call: +31 (6) 53 28 13 23

Our Mission

AllesindeWind believes in the power of diversity. Everyone is different in different ways and that is what makes this world fascinating. Someone who is different from you should have access to the same opportunities and options. We don’t believe in an average person, or an average child. We are especially committed to children who are facing adversity in some way, who have fewer opportunities than others, who are more at risk of educational disadvantages (and advantages in other aspects of their lives).

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